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Call 'em freakbikes, choppers, funnybikes, clownbikes, kustoms, tallbikes, swingbikes, lead sleds, chunkbikes, trashbikes, frankenbikes, or whatever you like, this is a record of human-powered creativity in Chicago.


Email and Submissions: JohnnyPayphone@yahoo.com

Bike Club Links


Black Label Bike Club

The original outlaw bicycle club. Chapters in Minneapolis, Austin, New York, Reno, Sweden, & Nowhere.

  • Hard Times Bike Club- Let me put it this way: You're surfing the web. These guys are chopping tallbikes.
Rat Patrol

Trash-based packrats who travel by alley. Chapters in Lafayette, New Orleans, Nashville, & Winnepeg. Prospecting chapters in Columbia SC (?), Rochester MN, Milwaukee, Detroit, ???

Scallywags Bike Club

Christian punk tallbikers. Spotted in Milwaukee, Chicago, Columbia SC, Milwaukee (?), Winnepeg, New Zealand, ????

Scallywag Bike Club- Watch out, these Christian tallbikers are multiplying like loaves and fishes!


Beloved young guns from the dirty south.

Rumoured to be spreading to Philly and Chicago. Cutthroats RVA


SCAB showed up in Madison WI back in the day with some wild and crazy bikes and then the documenatry Pedalphiles spread the love to many of us. Rat Patrol sent a search party into Madison in 2006 and found only archeological evidence. SCAB

Klunker League Now

This club was entirely formed out of people who had been discharged from the military for alcohol-related offenses or mental illnesses. A small club that has been around for a long time.

Klunker League Now

Dead Baby BC


Dead Baby Bikes- Bikes are not actually made out of or for dead babies.


Freakbike-based circus.

Cyclecide- Coming on tour to a city near you!
More Cyclecide pics


San Francisco

Chopper Riding Urban Dwellers

Margaret Charles Chopper Collective



Los Angeles & just about everywhere else


Portland, OR. You show up, you pick out a wee bike, you ride the train to the top of the mountain, you come down the mountain. Wash rinse repeat.

Zoo Bomb

Other Freakbike Links

tallbike.net R.I.P. Liu
ATH and Kalkonklubbens- Finnish choppers with really long forks and teeny-tiny back wheels.
  • Organic Engines
  • Choppercabras- Choppers from the very pits of hell!
    Nowhere Fast- Word on the street is that they got there.

    Crazybikes- Czech choppers.
    Burnouts Bike Club
    Bicycle Liberation Front
    Ghetto-fied Bikes
    Old Dirty Bike Club- Lansing MI

    Kentucky Freakbikes
    Young Guns
    Tall Bike Posse
    Subversive Choppers Urban Legion- Space Nerds in Boston who have been doing their thing for a long time.

    Unusual HPVs
    Gallery of Custom Bikes- Over a hundred choppers, low-riders, sleds, tallbikes, etc... although too many of them are really nice. I don't like bikes that require, like, craftsmanship and stuff. However, some of these bikes are way, way out there.
    John Foss Garage Page- A nice collection of freaky... things.
    Black Label NYC Bike Kill II
    Black Label NYC Bike Kill II

    Am I Chop Or Not?- Submit your chopper and vote on its chopposity.
    Blackstone Bicycle Works- An earn-a-bike program on Chicago's south side.
    Atomic Zombie- One man with a desire to chop, a lot of free time, and oh yeah- some giant robots too.
    Kinetic Scuplture Racing- one step beyond freakbiking is Kinetic Sculpture Racing.
    Workbike.org- I suppose a freakbike ceases to be a freakbike when it is mass-produced, but this is nevertheless a collection of companies that all started out freaking their bikes up to haul more cargo.
    Couch Bike Story- Two guys ride a couchbike across Maritime Canada.

    Is a Helmet Worth It? Effect of Brain Injuries on Body Functions

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